Iris Food Corner

Saturday 5 May
Sunday 6 May
Place Royale and Place des palais

Saturday 12:00 – 0:30
Sunday 12:00 – 22:00

Come and treat yourself at the Iris Food Corner on Saturday 5 and Sunday 6 May!

Food trucks will be invading the entire district to delight your taste buds! Cambodian or Caribbean flavours, bagels, cocktails, tacos... You will have the chance to taste all kinds of dishes, each more tempting than the next!

Consult the list of participating food trucks below:

Chang NoiThai Food
Soul KitchenWraps
Couscous Mobile - O'tagineOriental Food (Maroccan)
Yalla Yalla Beirut StreetfoodOriental Food (Liban)
Frietjes & GroentesBio Fries/Vegetable
StreetBitesGourmet Burger
L’Arrosticino GustosoItalian Meat
La DilettanteSalt/Sweet Pancakes
Nati ThaïThai Food
Coup d FoodGourmet Burger
Les Vins de Saint-EmilionSaint Emilion Wines
Cubar 2Alcool/Cocktails
Aor ThaiThai Food
Pasta and GoItalian Food
Bagel streetBagels
Food métal jacketTacos/Pork
BUIBUIVietnam Food
CocoricoMexican Food
Didine Cooking - Bagels TruckBagels
Urban CookGourmet Burger
WanthaiFoodThai Food
Greek-FoodGreek Food
La charrette gourmandeSalt/Sweet Pancakes
Le VagabondGourmet Burger
SinstreetFoodVegan/Vegetarian Food
Caravan kitchenBagels and others
L'Estaminet AmbulantCroque-Monsieur / Fries
Street gourmetGourmet Burger
Choco KebapSweet Desserts
Bar JulesCocktails and Alcohol
Pittige Dames FoodtruckChicken & Carpacho
Giulia's Coffee and sweetsSweet/Hot Drinks
Made In StreetHot Dogs
WoolySweet Portuguese Dessert
Mon Château à moiCocktails and Alcohol
Contes de FèvesSweet Desserts
Alain AllesBasque Food
Ice Jewels & DaydreamsSweet Desserts
Fresh CookingWraps
Glacier PascalinoIce Cream
Mex y CoMexican Food
Los ChurrosSweet Desserts
Nina FoodTruckPuccia Burger Gourmet
De koezinaOriental Food (Maroccan)
Foodies on TourDesserts
Banh MiVietnam Food
Little ItalyItalian Pizza
Mellow YogurtSweet Ice Yougurt
M and foodChicken
Bar MobilCocktails and Alcohol
Betterwines & BetterbeersCocktails and Alcohol
Pasta ditaliaItalian Food
Chez RoseOriental Food (Liban)
VandermeulenBelgian Food/Fries
The hotdog.beHot Dogs
PapagayoCocktails and Alcohol
OkapiAfrikan Food
Magic-KSalt/Sweet Croquets
Sanza Na MoyiCambodian - Caribbean