Sunday 6 May
Place des Palais
Vanaf 18:30

MIXITY.brussels, a big collaborative project celebrating the abundant diversity that makes up Brussels, makes an appearance at the Fête de l’Iris to pay homage to the great Jacques, the famous Brussels singer who left the scene 40 years ago.

For two hours, some twenty “Zinneke” Brussels artists will cover Jacques Brel’s greatest hits. On the programme: Duets never heard before, songs interpreted in several languages and many more surprises!

Go to the Place des Palais and sing along with José Van Dam, Maurane, Marie Daulne, Typh Barrow, BJ Scott, Marka, Patrick Riguelle, Karla Verlie and even Filip Jordens!

The presenters for the evening will be Cécile Djunga and Els De Schepper.


DJ’s Zenobe and Gaston will round off the evening in style to the sound of Electro Swing !

Zénobe et Gaston was born in the heart of the Walloon countryside. Gazing out across the horizon of the Hesbaye region they had dreams of the Hot Club de France, Django in New-York and Duke Ellington. Together with their little family of loyal friends and faux gypsies, they decide to recreate those heady days. Accompanied by electronic beats and their modern gramophones, Zénobe et Gaston are their very own big band and offer the most refreshing of rejuvenation cures after your nights on the town. Are you ready? Pull up your braces and let’s swing!