Located to the south of Brussels, Uccle is one of the most extensive communes of greater Brussels. It is also the fourth most populated commune. At the edge of the Soignes forest, a third of Uccle's territory is made up of green spaces including the Wolvendael park, the Sauvagère park, the Chat park, the Avijl plateau and the Kauwberg plateau… So it offers its inhabitants an exceptional living environment. Uccle likewise abounds in convenience stores of all kinds that one has the pleasure to chance across while strolling around the different neighbourhoods. You might be in the Parvis Saint-Pierre, the Vert Chasseur, Fort Jaco, Rue Vanderkindere, the Bascule, Place de Saint-Job, Chaussée de Waterloo or indeed any of these little streets and nooks that lend Uccle its charm.

Yet, Uccle, whose residents enjoy both the comforts of the city and an airy environment is a lot more varied than its reputation as a prosperous town might suggest. Particularly in the Chat neighbourhood, which calls to mind Marolles, with its narrow old streets and its cul-de-sacs, called "carrés", the Stalle chapel, last bastion of the former Uccles manor, the Observatory familiar to all Belgian people or again the Parvis Saint-Pierre neighbourhood, renowned for its church, its organic market and its cultural events.

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