Watermael-Boitsfort, a haven of peace characterised by the Soignes forest, numerous parks, neighbourhoods on a human scale and plethora of artists (Rik Wouters, Paul Delvaux, Hergé, Franquin as well as Anne Herbauts, Sabine De Greef and Kiki Crèvecoeur).

Watermael-Boitsfort is a green town: more than half of the area it covers is occupied by Soignes forest and numerous other green spaces give it form, such as The Logis-Floréal city gardens.

Through our involvement, we wished to present you with the wealth and diversity of Boitsfort. The emphasis will be placed on the artists, the architectural heritage, nature and well-being in the commune. 

Certain artists are opening the door of their studio to display their paintings, prints, screen prints, ceramics, photographs, and jewellery – an ample selection lies in store for you. For those who wish, you can also take part in an urban sketching session.

Some guides are organising tours oriented towards both architectural heritage and natural beauty. As a result, we will be taking a walk through the Duc-Pinson area, learning about the history of the cemetery, residents will show you the originality of the Coin du Balai area, or you can take in the highlights of Paul Delvaux in our commune either on foot or by bike…

The natural discovery of the Silex site, pointing out the typical local fauna and flora is as much of a must as a stroll in Soignes forest, combining a walk with relaxation...

To unwind, you can stop off at the Gemeenschapscentrum, or indeed at the Relais du Triporteur where they provide short info sessions about buying in bulk...

As you'll have realised by now, there's a great programme to look forward to!

Discover also this commune thanks to our guided tours.